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BlightFight is an app concept created by Programming 3 students at Stephen T. Badin High School in coordination with the City of Hamilton to help end urban blight.

Why BlightFight?

What is Blight?

Blight is when part of a city falls into disrepair. It is often caused by property owners neglecting their property. It poses safety hazards, consumes resources, and lowers the value of surrounding homes. Examples of blight include overgrown grass, borded windows, litter, grafitti, and tires left on the side of the road.

The Project

Programming 3 students at Badin saw this problem in their community and created BlightFight to be the solution. It will make blight easier to identify, report, and fix. Less efficient ways of reporting like calling or emailing the city will no longer be needed. Instead, all that will be necessary to report blight will be filling out a form and sending in a photo of the issue. BlightFight will eliminate data entry errors, improve response times for safety forces, and allow the city to make better decisions on how to use resources.

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